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Our Guidelines for joining us

Welcome to the NEW River of Creativity! We have decided to change things up a bit and now are no longer accepting Cards {and if you join the challenge with a card, it will be deleted with no warning}, as an entry - BUT . . .

We will be welcoming ANYTHING but a card; You can submit ATC's, tags, sewing, scrapbook layouts, felting, art journaling, book making, painting, sculpture, altered items, textiles, the list is endless! We really wanted to create a place 

where you could enter your messy, inky, altered projects for all to see. 

There are no prizes, but we will feature Inspirational Projects from among the challenge entries after the challenge ends. The main requirement is that you have fun! If you don't enjoy your art, why are you doing it? Sometimes we tend to get so caught up in producing that we forget to enjoy the process!

Like all challenges we have a few ideas of what we would like you to do when playing with us.

Here they are. 


Our aim is to encourage you to play and let your creativity flow.   So of course we want you to enjoy yourself and Have Fun.


Every month a new challenge will start on the 5th and run until the end of the month.


The Challenge will always be Anything goes and there might be an optional theme to follow.


Please pop a link back to us on your entry post.


Please share new not previously published projects.  No back linking, your project should not have been published prior to the challenge commencement date.


No restriction on the number of other challenges you share your project with.


No limit on the number of times you can share with us {as long as they are new projects}.


Please entry with a link directly to your entry project and not just to your main page.


We might not be able to comment if your social media space requires us to sign in or use a verification process.  Please where possible turn these off.

At the close of each challenge We will select the projects we would like to highlight with a shoutout.  A badge is awarded for each chosen project.  The top placed designer will also be invited to be our guest designer.

Please be aware that by entering the challenge you are providing public access to your blog and/or social media.  We will use the information collected to visit and view your project and to comment/communicate with you.   We will also re-publish your project picture and a link if you are selected for a shoutout.   We will not use your information for any commercial gain.  We are not responsible for the use made of your public information by any third party.  You will retain copyright to your work by entering here you are giving us permission to reproduce it as outline above.

Styles encouraged

Mixed Media (the use of more than one medium or material on a single project)

Altered Art (taking an everyday object and turning it into something new usually decorative)

Upcycling/recycling (taking something you might otherwise discard and giving it a makeover)

Industrial (often masculine in theme focusing on a utilitarian metallic/workmanship style)

Grunge (Messy, Inky, generally abstract)

Shabby Chic (layers of romantic imagery and textures, lace, flowers, ribbons, pretty)

Steampunk (Sci-fi imagery of a bygone era, usually Victorian, with ultra modern workings.)

Vintage  Think Jules Verne Vintage/Period (Similar to Shabby Chic and Steampunk but more closely focused on the styles of the period)

3D projects (Boxes, Sculpture, MDF constructions, interactive cards)

Scrapbook layouts (memory books places to store photographs and treasured memories)

Journals (generally a book hand made or otherwise were you experiment and record your artistic adventures)

Needle craft (sewing, crochet, knitting stitching on card/paper, cross stitch, embroidery)

Beading (using small coloured beads threaded on fine line to make patterns)

Jewellery (using metal, wire, thread, gemstones and beads to make wearable accessories)

Baking (Cakes, Pies, Bread, Biscuits Any Fancy Food you have prepared)


Oh just about anything that isn’t a Card although all digi is discouraged.


Let your hair down and make something just for yourself and the hell of it, you might be surprised as well as satisfied in a whole new way.




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  1. I personally like digital art/scrapbooking and would definitely add my pieces here if that is decided! There are few places that accept totally digital work.


Think you know by now that if you leave a message of post anything on this page it can and probably will be seen by other people who if they choose can use the link to visit your blog and user profile. That said your participation is what this is all about! Thank you

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