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How and Why River of Creativity was Revamped

We want to thank you for joining us at River of Creativity! Our challenge is designed for crafters to be able to explore different mediums, stretch their own creativity and have some fun! NOTE: We do NOT allow cards – we are strictly “anything but a card” and while we may have themes, no cards are allowed at any time and will be deleted without notice.

Our founder, Zoë, said it best: "We want to give everyone a chance to be recognized for what they do. Here at River of Creativity we chose our winners because we want them to feel like they are honored for what they have done and the work that goes into their project. There are literally hundreds of crafting challenges that cater to the sweet, cute, stick and lick world and we want to be different.  We want to not only push the mold, but we also want people to SMASH it.So, you tried something new, and it didn’t work out? Enter it here where we value the experiment and experience almost more than the finished product.  There is no point in being just another challenge, there are plenty of them if you just want to enter for the sake of entering.  Let’s be a TRUE challenge and get people to stretch and grow, let’s encourage people to think outside the box and dare them to try something new.

Who is Behind this Challenge:

Christ Conley & Zoë Sanderson have been friends for almost 10 years, having met when Zoe put a shout out for help on Challenges for Days, a blog that lists daily, fortnightly, monthly & by date challenges for crafters to enter.  After serving on numerous challenges together they decided there was an enormous gap in challenges available for those who want to dip their toe into the water of something different and the new, improved River of Creativity was born.  Both Zoe & Christi enjoy making 3D art and truly being challenged to create something unique and different.  You can visit Zoe at her blog This Little Place and Christi can be found on her blog, Art Without Anxiety, Instagram and Facebook.  

Zoë and Brenda have also been friends for many years they each started their own blogs within days of each other.  Brenda is well known in the Stamping and Card making world, she expressed interest in our challenge as the idea of doing something different really appealed to her.  We invited Brenda Floral Fantasies to join us since her style is much more feminine, traditional and floral centred than ours.  Like we have said over and over, we want ALL crafters to be represented in our challenge and having Brenda join us from the original River of Creativity is a perfect fit.  



Please, if you have any questions, feel free to leave it in a comment below or send us an email at riverofcreativity6@gmail.com.

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