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Friday, 5 November 2021

River of Creativity Challenge 7

In the last month we have experienced a few changes.  Our team is now just 5 but as we find our way in establishing ourselves that might be for the best.  We are also delighted by how many people joined us last month and the different styles you shared.  

We have to choose which pieces to give a shoutout to, those will be announced on the 12th.  Dont wait until then to come back, now you know our theme we hope you'll have projects to share before then.

On to a new challenge, this time the prompt is "The Gift".  As always take time to just let the prompt settle in your mind and see what ideas suggest themselves to you.    Ah yes this is challenge 7, the original idea was postponed to another time, the badges had already been made hence the wrong number on this one.

Here are some ideas to inspire you from our amazing Design Team.  (there are links to each team members social media set up on their name.)

Art Angel



You can join us from your own blog, Face Book, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site you use.  Please use the Inlinkz tool to enter the challenge with a link back to your post.  It will also help if you can use #ROCthegift07 on entries from places other than Blogger.

A quick reminder of the rules

We should be able to see how the theme inspired you without explanation.

Please pop the challenge theme badge on you post and a link back to us.

You can enter as many times as you wish

You can enter as many other challenges as you wish.

New projects please, no back linking

We might not be able to comment if your site requires us to sign in or provide our email etc.

If entering from social media other than a Blog please use the challenge hashtag #ROCthegift07

Please be aware that by entering the challenge you are providing public access to your blog and/or social media.  We will use the information collected to visit and view your project and to comment/communicate with you.   We will also re-publish your project picture and a link if you are selected for a shoutout.  Shoutout winners will also have their work published on our Pinterest,Twitter and Instagram sites. We will not use your information for any commercial gain.  We are not responsible for the use made of your public information by any third party.  You will retain copyright to your work by entering here you are giving us permission to reproduce it as outline above.

So let the spring of creativity start to flow.  

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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  1. What a fun theme! Must get my thinking cap on. The DT projects are fabulous. Vee xx

  2. Perfect theme for this time of the year.

  3. Great challenge! I'm thinking hand crafted items for the people who have everything...


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