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Friday, 30 April 2021

Our Design Team

Drum roll please.   It is time to introduce the team!  An amazing group who I still cannot quite believe chose to join the challenge.   

Art AngelI’ve been crafting in one way or another since the world began lol. With four wonderfully autistic / dyspraxic / adhd / dyslexic adult kids crafting is everything from a passion to a coping mechanism and all the bits in between. I specialise in ‘anything goes’ and if that involves making a mess then all the better! There’s nothing I won’t try and if anything doesn’t go quiet to plan, we call It added texture haha   Art Angel is our Queen of Instagram and will share all our challenges there.

Brenda - I've crafted in some form or another since a child and found papercrafting about 20 years ago when I had to give up ‘real’ work due to MS. I’m very much a country girl living in the Cambridgeshire Fens, with a large family of children, grandchildren, horses, dogs, hens and all the normal suspects.   I’m primarily a stamper with an incling towards Flowers, Nature and Fairies usually with an inky grundgy edge, I'm most certainly not a colourist and never do cute.

Christi Conley - A Cat loving Dog loving girl with a mind of her own and a creative soul.  Christi is known both sides of the pond for all her work on several design teams over the years. Christi was also one of the founder members of Challenges for Days and ran the group when I left.  You can also find her on Instagram Unfortunately Christi fell ill just as we got started, she will join us as soon as she is better but was unable to write a bio in time for the introductions.

Erika WeightThis is a real life selfie. Freezing at my sons track me and drinking a Dr Pepper.

I started scrapbooking when I was close to 12 and was an avid journaler for years. I struggle with that part now but during Covid I got way into scrapbooking again! (I am thankful for that part of it). I have always done a little here and there but now that my kids are bigger I can leave projects out, they like to craft with me.
When I am not scrapbooking I am a speech and theatre teacher at our local high school. As you can see I love all things creative, especially when I am the boss of it!

Louise Chamberlain - I'm an eclectic crafter, will give most things a go... I'm not good with numbers, discalctic, so lace making wasn't fun! Criss stitch a challenge.   I'm a bit free range or off piste with my ideas. I draw, paint, sew, embroider, crochet, papercraft is my latest obsession, but whatever takes my mood.

Rocky  - Growing up in a creative family means I'll try almost anything at least once, from cutting a goose egg with a hacksaw to crocheting a dragon. Craft has always been a huge part of my life and I can't see that changing anytime soon.

Wendy TownsendPeople know me as Spanish Crafter in blog land as I have lived here for over 10 years. I have always crafted, knitting, a little sewing when my boys were little. Eventually moved onto card making nearly 20 years ago. I love Groovi (parchment) too. Over the last few years I have got into Junk Journals and took the plunge a few months ago to start a You Tube channel and an Etsy shop in the hope that I may sell a few. It all keeps me busy.

Zoe Sanderson - Team Twit Leader; a life long crafter who enjoys getting inky and messy. Styles vary from CAS to slap it all on the more the better. When not getting inky I also likes to make jewellery especially chainmaille so look out for some of those pieces.  I'll be looking after our Twitter Account as well.

I hope you will agree we are a pretty eclectic group representing many different styles and techniques.   One thing we all agree on is that we are excited about this new venture and looking forward to seeing you projects.  Our hashtag if you are using Instagram or Twitter is #riverofcreativity.  Thank you.

Monday, 26 April 2021


 Thank you for all your interest.  I so pleased to say the team is now complete with 8 wonderful and inspiring crafters.   It has been a bit fanatic over the week-end talking to everyone and getting everything in place.

I am sorry if you were disappointed and hope no one is discouraged from joining in the fun of future challenges or even future team calls!

The new team will be announced in a few days, just need to get a bit of housekeeping sorted first.  Keep checking back to us to see what is happening!

Sunday, 25 April 2021

It is so exciting that you are finding us!

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We have added a link to Bloglovin' to make it easier for you to keep in touch.

Monday, 19 April 2021

Design Team Call

How do you fancy being part of this new adventure?  

Are you a creative soul with something to share with the rest of us?  

Would you be able to create something new each month based on a random theme?  

Would you be able to comment on some of the entires (assuming there are some) each month?  

Would you be willing to share your designs on your blog and promote the challenge on social media?

If you can answer YES to these questions I'd love to hear more from you.  Please send me an email with a link to your blog and a few details about your artistic self.

New Challenge Starts 5th May

Now Under Construction a challenge that is an opportunity for you to let your creativity flow.  These challenges will start on the 5th of each month and will be open until the last day of the month.  This will be a Just for Fun challenge although there will be badges of honour.  The aim is to provide a arena for you to just go for it.

Styles encouraged

Mixed Media (the use of more than one medium or material on a single project)

Altered Art (taking an everyday object and turning it into something new usually decorative)

Upcycling/recycling (taking something you might otherwise discard and giving it a makeover)

Industrial (often masculine in theme focusing on a utilitarian metallic/workmanship style)

Grunge (Messy, Inky, generally abstract)

Shabby Chic (layers of romantic imagery and textures, lace, flowers, ribbons, pretty)

Steampunk (Sci-fi imagery of a bygone era, usually victorian, with ultra modern workings.  Think Jules Verne)

CAS (Generally one lay projects with the very minimum of decoration usually only 1/3 decorated)

Vintage/Period (Similar to Shabby Chic and Steampunk but more closely focused on the styles of the period)

3D projects (Boxes, Sculpture, MDF constructions, interactive cards)

Scrapbook layouts (memory books places to store photographs and treasured memories)

Journals (generally a book hand made or otherwise were you experiment and record your artistic adventures)

Needle craft (sewing, crochet, knitting stitching on card/paper, cross stitch, embroidery)

Beading (using small coloured beads threaded on fine line to make pattens)

Jewellery (using metal, wire, thread, gemstones and beads to make wearable accessories)

Oh just about anything although all digi are discouraged.

Let your hair down and make something just for yourself and the hell of it, you might be surprised as well as satisfied in a whole new way.

There will be a prompt of some kind each month for you to take and play with in your own way.  Feel free to use the world around you anything and everything you see hear feel to infuse into your creativity.  Be prepared to inspire others with the things you creative.  Most of all be creative and have fun.

Shoutouts and challenge update

Good morning from the team here at River of Creativity. We have had some lovely messages asking if all is OK which we appreciate and apologi...